1501 South OWA Blvd.
Foley, Alabama 36535

Crazy Donuts

Part of the local Sassy Bass family of brands, Crazy Donuts puts a unique spin on their dishes. Don’t let the name confuse you, as they are touted as a donut restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner — it’s not just your typical dessert shop — that offers more than 28 different entrees, all with a donut in every meal.
Crazy Donuts’ menu ranges from unbelievable to unpredictable. Entrees like the infamous “Flat Line” with two burger patties, candied bacon, cheese and pickles, or the “Crabby” with a grilled crab cake, creamy crab sauce, and diced scallions keep the hungry guests coming back for more each day. Frohlich says he and his team work daily to serve up new, edgy and creative dishes, so there’s always a surprise in store at this “crazy” new restaurant.


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