It’s like stepping back in time when you visit our local antiques stores. Each turn, each step uncovers a treasure from the past.

{ Start }

  • Hollis Ole Crush Antique Mall
    201 S. McKenzie St. • 251-943-8154

Antique Rose Trail

Take a break for some fresh air and discover our antique roses.

  • Antique Rose Trail – enjoy a walk on the rose trail that follows the path of the old railroad line through the heart of Foley. Antique heritage roses are old roses that are disease resistant and hearty without requiring a lot of care. Hundreds of roses line the trail and they bloom in all but the coldest months.

{ Lunch }

Let the path of roses lead you to a great lunch break. You’ll need to refuel for more great antiques shopping in the afternoon.

  • The Gift Horse – extravagant buffet every day, including the famous apple cheese casserole, recognized as one of 100 dishes to eat in Alabama before you die.
    209 W. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-3663

Hollis Orange Blossom Square

{ Afternoon }

Back to shopping with more treasures waiting to be discovered.

  • Gift Horse Center
    211 W. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-3663
  • Gift Horse Antique Stalls
    201 W. Laurel Ave. • 251-943-7278

Wrap up your day with a sweet treat at Stacey’s Old Tyme Soda Fountain, located at 121 W. Laurel Avenue.